Family of John BRUTON and Drusilla AUSTIN

Husband: John BRUTON (1753-1812)
Wife: Drusilla AUSTIN (1752- )
Children: John BRUTON (1777-1779)
Joseph BRUTON (1778-1789)
John BRUTON (1786-1809)
Samuel BRUTON (1787-1807)
Daniel BRUTON (1790- )
Betty BRUTON (1791-1791)
Aaron BRUTON (1792-1792)
Urijah BRUTON (1794-1798)
Nancy BRUTON (1796- )
James BRUTON (1797-1866)
Marriage 29 Apr 1776 Uley, Gloucestershire1

Husband: John BRUTON

Name: John BRUTON1
Sex: Male
Father: John BRUTON (1725-1791)
Mother: Mary SMITH (1723- )
Birth 16 Dec 1753 Uley, Gloucestershire1
Christening 16 Dec 1753 (age 0) Uley, Gloucestershire1
Death 1812 (age 58-59)1

Wife: Drusilla AUSTIN

Name: Drusilla AUSTIN1
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1752

Child 1: John BRUTON

Name: John BRUTON2
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Feb 1777 Uley, Gloucestershire2
Death 22 Jun 1779 (age 2)2

Child 2: Joseph BRUTON

Name: Joseph BRUTON2
Sex: Male
Birth 25 Dec 1778 Uley, Gloucestershire2
Death 6 Dec 1789 (age 10)2

Child 3: John BRUTON

Name: John BRUTON2
Sex: Male
Birth 26 Mar 1786 Uley, Gloucestershire2
Death 30 May 1809 (age 23)2

Child 4: Samuel BRUTON

Name: Samuel BRUTON2
Sex: Male
Birth 16 Sep 1787 Uley, Gloucestershire2
Death 29 Oct 1807 (age 20)2

Child 5: Daniel BRUTON

Name: Daniel BRUTON
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Betty SMITH ( -bef1835)
Spouse 2: Caroline Prudence RICHMOND (1808-1888)
Birth 5 Apr 1790 Uley, Gloucestershire

Child 6: Betty BRUTON

Name: Betty BRUTON2
Sex: Female
Birth 1791 Uley, Gloucestershire2
Death Jan 1791 (age 0) Uley, Gloucestershire2

Child 7: Aaron BRUTON

Name: Aaron BRUTON2
Sex: Male
Birth 1792 Uley, Gloucestershire2
Death Apr 1792 (age 0) Uley, Gloucestershire2

Child 8: Urijah BRUTON

Name: Urijah BRUTON2
Sex: Male
Birth 1794 Uley, Gloucestershire2
Death 29 Jul 1798 (age 3-4)2

Child 9: Nancy BRUTON

Name: Nancy BRUTON2
Sex: Female
Birth 1796 Uley, Gloucestershire2

Child 10: James BRUTON

Name: James BRUTON2
Sex: Male
Spouse: Charlotte WOODWARD ( - )
Birth 1797 Uley, Gloucestershire2
Death 9 Dec 1866 (age 68-69) Waterloo, Seneca County, New York, U.S.A.2
Burial 1866 Maple Grove Cemetery, Waterloo, Seneca County, New York, U.S.A.2

Note on Husband: John BRUTON

The Will of John Bruton late of Uley made 20th Nov 1813


(Iug.d and sent to W. Hill , Aspy[?] Dursley 22nd May 1813)


By permission of almighty god I John Bruton of Shadwell in the parish of Uley in the County of Glocester Broad Weaver being of sound disposing mind and memory thanks be to God, do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament (revoking all former wills and testametary dispositions) in manner following that is to say I give and devise unto my beloved wife Drusilla all those two cottages or tenements with the garden and appurtenances now in my occupation situate at Shadwell in the Parish of Uly aforesaid for and during her natural life and after her decease I give the said two cottags and tenements with the garden and appurtenances unto my son Daniel Bruton or his heirs or assignes my said son Daniel Bruton or his heirs paying unto my son James Bruton and unto my daughter Nancy Bruton the sum of twenty pounds each out of the aforesaid premises within six callender months after my said wifes deceace I likewise give and bequeath unto my aforesaid daughter Nancy Bruton One Broad Loom to be delivered unto her within twelve months after my decease I also give and bequeath unto my aforesaid wife Drusilla all and singluar my household goods and furniture my wearing apparrel loom or looms which I may have at my decease (except the loom which I have gave to my daughter Nancy Bruton aforesaid) to be at my said wifes own sole use and disposal, my lawfull debts and funeral

expences being first paid and discharged and I make my said wife Drusilla sole executrix of this my last will and testament contained in one sheet of paper and to which I have signed by hand and set my seal

this twentyeth day of November one thousand eight hundred and twelve.

John Bruton

Witnesses - Wm Austin & Isaac Danford2


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